Welcome to the Ice House SA Freestyle Ice scheduling system

  1. Freestyle Ice is located under the “Shop” link
    • Prices are for reference purposes only. Your actual invoice will reflect your total after taking sibling discounts, elite package pricing, etc… into account
  2. Add sessions to cart for ONE skater (Each skater must be processed as an individual transaction)
  3. Complete checkout
    • First time users: you will be asked to set up an account with a sufficient password. If the password strength does not show at least Medium-Strong, then your account has not been created and your order will not be saved. You will know your account was created successfully when:
      1. The “Register” and/or “Place order” buttons go from a muted color to a solid color.
      2. You are taken to the respective My Account or order confirmation page.
      3. You receive an email from the system about your new account and your order.
    • Place order (No payment information is collected at this time)
      1. You will receive an invoice for payment within 48 hours from the Freestyle Administrator
Returning Users: You will find it convenient to log in to your account first before adding sessions to your cart. You can log in from the My Account page.